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Projects we have made:


VR/PC tour

We did a complete VR and PC all in one application for HTC Vive Pro and PC for one of the largest Real Estate Developer of Russia.

bandicam 2020-04-19 22-48-02-179.jpg

Sound Simulation

We have made 3 scenes with a sound reverberation simulation for our client who sells the sound absorption panels.


Our Unity Assets 

We have made a few low poly asset packs for everyone to use in their projects!


VR Interactive


 We have created a physics-based framework for customizing furniture, materials, and light for a virtual environment in real-time.


VR Horror Room

In an attempt to meet industry demand, we have developed a framework for the rapid creation of customized, fully immersive, interactive fear/escape room experiences.


AR Installation

We have made an AR application for a famous artist - Marat Morik with different VFX and 3D effects for an exhibition in Art gallery.


VR Educational App

We have made a chemistry educational app for Oculus GO 


VR ART experience

We have made a VR Interactive museum environment for our partners from Art industry

bandicam 2020-04-20 15-32-44-754.jpg

Anti-Virus Game

We have made a game where you need to kill the Virus and collect a paper! Try to survive!



Take a look at the behind of scenes development and our other projects!

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