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VR/PC Tour
Make VR/PC application for the flagship development project
Use Case
To be used in the sale offices while presenting the project to clients
Tools Used
Unity, Steam VR, HDRP pipeline, C#, ProBuilder 2.0, Blender
Development Time
12 weeks
Our Client
Housing initiative

Currently, VR and AR technology have a vast impact on architecture and real estate. In cooperation with Housing Initiative (real estate developer), we have converted over 1400 square meters of this residential project into its digital VR form. Potential clients now are able to walk through its furnished apartments 3D virtual copy using a photorealistic VR and PC simulations.

By using immersive technologies, the scale, size and measurements, customer perception of the future apartments, and the overall feeling of the space are much more accurate than on classic visualizations. Also, the user of this app is able to choose the floor plan first, look at the prices and all information about his apartments, and then, choose the way to take a look - in VR or on a flat PC screen. 


Development process:
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